Eight Universities in Shenzhen Initiate Shenzhen International Friendship City University League

Scene of the meeting

On July 9, 2014, eight universities in Shenzhen held signing ceremony for the jointly initiated “Shenzhen International Friendship City University League” (SIFCUL) at the South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC).  Representatives in charge of Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office, Shenzhen Bureau of Education and 8 universities in Shenzhen, such as SUSTC and Shenzhen University (SZU), attended the meeting.  Mr Li Ming, Secretary of the CPC Committee of SUSTC, presided over the meeting.

As introduced by Tang Lixia, Director of Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office, so far, Shenzhen has become a friendship city or friendly exchange city of 58 cities in 38 countries. The international friendship city plays an important role in strengthening foreign trade and economic cooperation, cultural exchange, exchange visits, etc. between Shenzhen and the friendship city. Shenzhen International Friendship City University League will further deepen substantive cooperation between Shenzhen and the international friendship city, and accelerate construction of international Shenzhen as an important platform for academic exchange and resource sharing between universities in Shenzhen and international friendship city universities.

According to Fan Kun, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Bureau of Education, it is creative for universities in Shenzhen to initiate Shenzhen International Friendship City University League, which makes great contribution to development of Shenzhen higher education. To become an international city,  education internationalization is indispensable.

Shenzhen International Friendship City University League is a coalition voluntarily established by Shenzhen international friendship city universities. This university league aims to promote all-around and sustainable academic exchange and cooperation, enhance mutual trust and friendship among friendship city universities, and build a platform of education, science and technology, cultural exchange, cooperation and sharing for them. The league will make full use of and give full play to advantages of member universities, promote resource reciprocity and sharing, achieve complementary advantages, and jointly promote sustainable development of higher education.

The member universities can take part in annual meeting, academic exchange, forum, seminar, talent cultivation and other activities, or apply for organization of the above activities through the league; get the latest information about scientific research planning, academic exchange, talent cultivation, forum, fellowship activity, etc. in Shenzhen international friendship city; promote cooperation and exchange between universities, and enhance their influence in the world through the network of international friendship city.

It is reported that the university league will hold founding conference, forum and exhibition of scientific research information of friendship city universities at China Hi-tech Fair (November 16, 2014).  At present, preparation for the conference is well underway.

Persons in charge of 8 universities sign the initial written proposal

Group photo of persons in charge of 8 universities, Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office and Bureau of Education

At the signing ceremony, persons in charge of 8 universities said that they would actively support and jointly promote the establishment of Shenzhen International Friendship City University League, and looked forward to substantive cooperation as soon as possible.