1. What is the purpose of SIFCUL 2014?

The objective of SIFCUL is to promote sustainable academic exchange and cooperation amongst universities of Shenzhen Friendship Cities in the global context of internationalization. SIFCUL 2014 aims at successfully launching this collective effort for a promising future. Through a series of thoughtfully designed activities, the Organizing Committee of SIFCUL 2014 hopes to provide an opportunity for higher education leaders worldwide to share common concerns, explore new directions, and discuss possible cooperation. It is also in the interest of the Committee to introduce to the world the beautiful and thriving City of Shenzhen, and enrich the education opportunities for Shenzhen citizens by bringing in more international resources.

2. Who will attend SIFCUL 2014?

The SIFCUL Organizing Committee has invited colleges and universities from the Shenzhen International Friendship-Cities worldwide to send delegates for the SIFCUL events. We also invite those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan to attend the SIFCUL Inaugural Forum.

Representatives from each of the eight initiating higher education institution in Shenzhen will attend the events. These eight institutions are South University of Science and Technology; Shenzhen University; the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen; Shenzhen polytechnic; Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology; Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School; Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University; and Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen Graduate School.

The Mayor of Shenzhen, a UNESCO representative and a Chinese Ministry of Education official will make opening remarks. Distinguished scholars and public figures in science, education, media and business will deliver keynote speeches at the Inaugural Forum on Higher Education.

3. What institutions have agreed to attend SIFCUL 2014?

The list of participating institutions keeps expanding. By October 15, the Organizing Committee has received positive replies from 19 universities and colleges from 11 countries, which include Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities (Russia), St. Petersburg State University of Film and TV (Russia), the University of Aberdeen King’s College (UK), Robert Gordon University (UK), University of Glasgow (UK), Ravensbourne College (UK), Cork Institute of Technology (Ireland), the University of West of Scotland (UK), the Medical University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Plovdiv University (Bulgaria), Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany), University of Houston (US), University of Texas, Health Science Center at Houston (US), Griffith University (Australia), the University of Queensland (Australia), and Israel Institute of Technology (Israel), University of Havana (Cuba), Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Poland), and Jikei Institute Graduate School of Health Care Sciences (Japan). In addition, 3 non-SIFCUL institutions from Macau and Taiwan will attend the SIFCUL Inaugural Forum, and they are the University of Macau, the National Tsinghua University and the National Chung Cheng University.

4. What are the dates to stay in Shenzhen for the SIFCUL 2014 events?

We expect SIFCUL members to participate in the SIFCUL Business Meeting (5-6pm, Nov.16), Founding Ceremony and Inaugural Forum (Nov.17 whole day). The activities on the 18th are voluntary. Therefore, the minimum stay in Shenzhen will be Nov.16 and Nov.17, and the maximum stay covered by SIFCUL will be Nov.16 - Nov.18. If due to limited international flights, guests have to arrive the night before the 16th, please make a request for SIFCUL to cover the hotel expense on the 15th.

5. Where will the participants stay?

The hotel reserved for SIFCUL 2014 is Wuzhou Guest House, a 5-star hotel situated in the center of Futian district, with 2 hours’ drive from the Hong Kong International Airport, 30 minutes from the Shenzhen Airport, 20 minutes from the city center and 30 minutes from the railway station. The hotel features a swimming pool, tennis court, hair and beauty salon, disco, and karaoke room. Each of the Wuzhou's 156 guestrooms has an IDD telephone, satellite television and stereo. Its presidential suites are ideal residences for foreign presidents visiting Shenzhen. More information can be found at the hotel’s English website at http://wuzhouguesthouseshenzhen.com/.

6. Is there a membership due for SIFCUL?

It is free to join SIFCUL this year. Membership due for future years will be discussed and decided at the Business Meeting by SIFCUL members.

7. Is there a conference fee? What is the cost to attend the SIFCUL 2014 events?

SIFCUL 2014 does not charge for registration and will provide free meals and banquets at the event site and free local transportation related to SIFCUL 2014 activities from the evening of Nov.15 to noon Nov.18.

SIFCUL 2014 will cover the hotel expense for each SIFCUL member institution and non-SIFCUL member institutions in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan invited to attend the Inaugural Forum for up to two delegates during the event period. Additional delegates, and delegates from other higher education institutions will need to pay a discounted $100 a room per day (including service charge, normally at 10% of the room fee). The delegates will be responsible for their own international traveling.

8. What form will the forum take?

The Forum will take the form of keynote speech and panel presentation. For more information about the Forum, please visit the forum webpage at http://sifcul.org/index.php?r=meetings/forum.

9. Where will the SIFCUL 2014 Exhibition be organized? What kind of presentation do you expect from universities?

The SIFCUL 2014 Exhibition will be part of the Chinese International Hi-Tech Fair held in the Convention Center. A college or a university may present on general institutional profile, significant achievements, prizes won by institutional members, or other meaningful aspects of their organization in order for more people from the world to learn about their excellent work. After your registration, the SIFCUL secretariat staff will contact you shortly about materials to provide for the exhibition.

10. Which airport to use for flight reservation? How to get to the event site from the airport

The nearest airport and perhaps also the most convenient one is the Hong Kong International Airport. The event management team of the Organizing Committee will collect flight information from the participants and arrange a certain number of airport pickups a day. Relevant information will be sent to the participants in advance.

11. What’s the weather like in Shenzhen in mid-November?

The weather is in general pleasant in Shenzhen in mid-November with an average temperature ranging between 17-25 degree Centigrade or 63-77 degree Fahrenheit.

12. What’s the dressing code at the SIFCUL 2014 events?

Please dress business formal for the Founding Ceremony. For the rest of the occasions, please feel free to choose from business smart to business casual.