About Shenzhen

Shenzhen, neighboring Hong Kong, is located on the eastern bank of the Pearl River. A picturesque modern coastal city on the southern tip of Mainland China, Shenzhen has not only fast economic and social development, but also harmony between human and nature.

As China’s first special economic zone, Shenzhen is regarded as an innovative pioneer for China's reforms and opening-up policy. In merely 35 years, Shenzhen successfully transformed from a tiny fishing village to a modern metropolis with an impressive GDP per capita topping the list of Chinese cities.

About Shenzhen International Friendship-City

Since becoming the first pair of international friendship cities with Houston in March 1986, Shenzhen has established friendly city relationship with 58 cities (regions) of 38 countries by the first half of 2014, 16 of which are friendship cities and 42 are friendly exchange cities. Under the guidance of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, and with the correct leadership and support of Shenzhen municipal party committee and government, Shenzhen serves the overall objectives of diplomacy of China, and the need of economic and social development of Shenzhen. Shenzhen vigorously promotes friendship city and keeps deepening substantive exchange on the principle of “giving priority to friendship, stressing on practical results”. Particularly, in recent years, Shenzhen friendship city develops multilateral cooperation from the initial bilateral cooperation, and makes substantial progress in economy and trade, culture, education, urban construction, environmental protection, low-carbon economy and many other fields to greatly promote internationalization of Shenzhen and make positive contribution to social and economic development.

Email: sifcul2014@sifcul.org

The Shenzhen International Friendship-City University League (hereinafter referred to as the SIFCUL) is initiated by the South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC), in conjunction with nice other universities located in Shenzhen. Universities and colleges from Shenzhen International Friendship Cities are invited to join SIFCUL on a voluntary basis.

The objective of SIFCUL is to promote sustainable academic exchange and cooperation amongst universities of Shenzhen Friendship Cities, to enhance intercollegiate trust and friendship, to build a platform for sharing activities in education, research, and cultural development and exchange, and to make use of advanced knowledge and expertise of member universities to promote sustainable development of higher education.

Members of SIFCUL are invited to participate in the annual meeting, or apply for organization of academic exchanges, forums, seminars, talent training sessions and other programs. Members of SIFCUL can also obtain the latest information on R&D activities, academic exchanges, talent training programs, forums, fellowship activities in the Shenzhen International Friendship Cities. The aim of SIFCUL is to serve as a platform to promote cooperation and exchange among universities and other higher education organizations of Shenzhen International Friendship Cities in order to enhance their influence in the world through the network of international friendship city.

SIFCUL will be holding an inaugural general meeting during the China International Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen on November 16th, 2014. A President for SIFCUL will be elected at the General Meeting. SIFCUL Secretariat, an executive office operating under SIFCUL, has been established in the South University of Science and Technology of China, which is responsible for SIFCUL’s executive operation.

Welcome to the family of SIFCUL and welcome to Shenzhen!

The Secretary General
SIFCUL Secretariat